The use of Comet has stopped in Helsinki 31.12.2017




It is easy to load parking money into Comet! Select between two payment methods depending what kind of a computer or PDA you are using:

  • "Load money into Comet by using random code": This method allows you to use any operating system or browser. You do not need any isntallation or connection between Comet and your computer. This method is suitable for MAC and Linux users as well as Cellular phone users.
  • "Load money into Comet by using MiniUSB-cable": This method requires Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit), and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you load money into Comet by using MiniUSB -cable, you have to install Comet USB -driver before that. The instructions are found: “Comet Settings”.

infosymbol_46 IMPORTANT NOTE: The City of Helsinki increased the parking fees starting from 1.1.2010. All Comets must be updated before loading money is possible. At the same time a security update is done. Update Comet here

Payment methods: