The selling of Comet parking devices ends at 31.12.2015. You can however use and load your Comet device until the end of year 2017. You can also order accessories and a new device if your old one is broken.

Free exchange of broken device. You get a new device for free in exchange for a broken one from Comet Park is Easy-support, Klaarantie 3, 00200 HELSINKI (open mon-fri 8-16.00). You can also order one from the webshop by adding the broken device's serialnumber to the order. In that case you only pay delivery fee 4,90€.

Prices (including VAT 23%) – 1.7.2010

MINI-USB cabel


6,90 eur

Battery (A battery is included in the Comet sales package)


6,90 eur

Please note! We recommend that you only use Renata CR2430 batteries in the Comet device. Batteries from other manufacturers work poorly in the device.



Hanger with suction cup


8,90 euros / unit




6,90 euros / unit

Reloading service fee

10% of the reloaded sum

For example: When you load 10 euros in to your Comet, you are charged 11 euros.

PLEASE NOTE: Taxes are 10% cheaper for a Comet user. Cheaper taxes are already installed into the Comet. You can see taxes below.


Annual fee 5 euros / year / device
Parking taxes for the City of Helsinki

Taxes are 10% cheaper for Comet users, cheaper parking taxes are installed into every device.

Please note! Parking taxes of the City of Helsinki rised starting from 1.1.2010

1-zone 3,60 euros/hour (normally 4,00 eur/h)
2-Zone 1,80 euros/hour (normally 2,00 eur/h)
3-Zone 0,90 euros/hour (normally 1,00 eur/h)


Parking taxes for low emitting vehicles, Eco-Comet 1-zone 2,00 eur/hour (normally 4,00 eur/h)
2-Zone 1,00 eur/hour (normally 2,00 eur/h)
3-Zone 0,50 eur/hour (normally 1,00 eur/h)

A Comet user pays only for the exact time of parking. When Comet is switched off, the payment of parking ends. Comet saves money for company and private customers, because normally people are paying extra, when paying parking with coins or cards.

Please note: parking rates, which are programmed to a normal Comet, are 10% cheaper in Comet than for example on-street parking ticket machines. Cheaper taxes are already installed into a Comet device. You can see parking taxes above.